Studio 6

Larrabee’s Studio 6, previously known as the iconic Schnee Studios is referred to by industry vets as possibly the greatest sounding live room in the city. The historic acoustics have been left untouched and remain as legendary as the artists who’ve recorded here. The skylights and high ceilings illuminate sleek curves and angularity, accentuated by rich textiles and design inspired by the art deco of the 1920’s and 1930’s. A spacious and convenient choice for album projects when an artist wants to camp out for a stay or when multiple producers or writers need to divide into various separate work spaces. Studio 6 offers complete privacy and anonymity; allowing you to relax and feel inspired by your surroundings.


  • Control Room: 23’3” x 19’0”
  • Live Room: 38’10” x 32’8” x 17’11”H to ceiling; (10’9”H to Building support)
  • ISO Booth 1: 13’6” x 13’6” x 9’11”H;
  • ISO Booth 2: 13’6” x 13’6” x 9’11”H

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  • Room Equipment
  • Outboard Gear
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Solid State Logic Duality SE - 72 Channels.

DAW Workstation

Apple Mac Pro Late 2013 - 2.7Ghz 12-core 64 GB Ram, 256 GB SSD, High Sierra OS V10.13
48 Input/ 48 Output I/O
Protools 2019.5
Waves Mercury Bundle + Studio Classics V10.0.3
Melodyne Editor V4
Autotune Pro
SoundToys V5.3

Main Monitor System - George Augsberger cabinets with (2) TAD 15" Woofers, (1) TAD horn and (1) TAD Tweeter per cabinet.
Nearfield Monitor System - Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors powered by a Bryston 4B amplifier.
Alternate Speakers Accommodated - Three more switchable nearfield speaker feeds are available for alternate speaker system monitoring.
Subwoofer System: (2) Custom BBI 2 x 18 Subwoofer cabinets driven by a Bryston 10B Crossover and a QSC RMX 4050 power amp that delivers 1400W per channel.

Mic Preamps
10 Neve 1073 Preamp
10 Neve 1066 Preamp
4 Neve 1081 Preamp
2 Telefunken V72 Preamp
Compressors, Gates and De-essers
1 Altec 438C Compressor
1 Avalon AD 2044 Compressor
2 DBX 160X Compressor
2 DBX 160 Compressor
2 Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor Compressor/ Emulator
1 Gates M5167 Sta-Level Limiter
2 Neve 2254/A Compressor
1 Pendulum Audio 6386 Compressor
1 Summit TLA-100 Compressor
1 Teletronix LA 2A Limiter
1 Tube Tech LCA-2B Compressor
1 UREI 1176LN Compressor
1 GML 8200 Equalizer
2 Lang PEQ-2 Equalizer
1 Millenia NSEQ-2 Equalizer
1 NTI EQ3 Equalizer
2 Pultec EQP-1 Equalizer
Reverbs, Delays and Effects Processors
1 AMS DMX 1580s Digital Delay
1 DBX 120 XP Subharmonic Synthesizer
1 Eventide DSP 4000 Effects Processor
1 Eventide Eclipse Effects Processor
2 Lexicon PCM-42 Digital Delay
1 Lexicon 480L with LARC Effects Processor
1 Roland SDD-320 Dimension D Stereo Chorus
1 SPL 9842 Transient Designer Signal Processor