An undeniably sexy atmosphere surrounded by crimson walls and Victorian chandeliers. "The Bordello" room, as its been nicknamed, is the perfect spot for anything from preproduction to cutting an entire album. The adjoining vocal booth provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere, while the lounge transports you to 1920's Paris. Bold colors, rich fabrics and velvet throw pillows fill the space with a striking ambiance.


  • Control Room – 14’4” x 11’
  • Booth – 14’ x 4’4” x 8’4”H

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SSL Matrix Console

Pro Tools
DigidesignPro Tools HD3 Accel

Nearfield Monitors: Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors powered by (1) Bryston 4B amplifier.
Alternate Monitors: Yamaha MSP-10 self powered monitors.
Subwoofer System: (1) JBL18” Subwoofer cabinet driven by a JBL/Crown custom amplifier.

(1) Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Reverb
(1) Focusrite ISA 828 Eight Channel Mic Preamp
(1) Avalon 737 Mic Pre/ Eq/ Compressor
(1) Tube Tech CL-1B Opto Compressor